IPO Readiness Whitepaper: How to Hit the Ground Running

IPO White Paper

Real-world perspectives on going public

From Workiva.com: As an emerging, high-growth company, you have just one chance at an initial public offering. What are investors looking for? Why do some companies flourish and others flounder after an IPO?

Our latest white paper, IPO Readiness: How to Hit the Ground Running, can help you prepare for life as a public company. It is filled with interviews with CEOs, CFOs, CAOs, investors, and more, all designed to help you get your house in order ahead of an IPO.

In this white paper, you will find:

  • Advice from experts who have been involved with significant, high-profile IPOs
  • A closer look at the SEC reporting requirements you can expect
  • Best practices for building out your staff and corporate board
  • Checklists and road maps to help you track your own IPO readiness

Download the white paper here and start putting the insights to work in your own IPO journey.