IPO Testimonials & Case Studies

Workiva now supports more than 70% of the nation’s 1,000 largest organizations with their ’34 Act filings — a market that previously belonged to the financial printers.

Today, that same paradigm shift is happening in the ’33 Act space as well, with forward-thinking deal-makers and emerging growth companies embracing the vast process and cost improvements the battle-tested Workiva IPO platform and world-class support model provides as an alternative to outdated financial printer processes and tools.

Reduce risk in IPO, M&A, and debt and equity deals. Workiva enables you to produce faster, more accurate deal documents—backed by 24/7 service throughout drafting, filing, printing, and distribution.

The following links and quotes are from actual clients and deal-makers themselves who have been through the Workiva IPO/capital markets journey first-hand:

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“Workiva figured out a way to run an IPO process using current-day workflow. They have enabled us to put the days of working on handwritten edits with the delay of a traditional third-party provider into the past. Workiva nailed everything from the drafting process to filing to print and distribution. Deal-makers have been waiting for this solution for years.”
      –David Bell, Partner, Fenwick & West LLP 

“My favorite way of saying it is that companies pay for very specialized accountants with a relatively niche skill set to work with really outdated tools. It doesn’t make sense. Our Controller could see the agility and ease of use with Wdesk, but also how secure it was and how you could still get the visually appealing document the printer gives you. The team also liked that they could update the filing draft in real time, without having to wait for someone else to make changes for them.”
–Lauren Tipton, Technical Accounting and Reporting Manager, Cloudera

“Moving from traditional printers to Workiva was like going from typewriter to computer.”
–Jim Frankola, CFO, Cloudera

“Workiva technology combined with 24/7 support improved the life of the entire working group.”
–Managing Director at Morgan Stanley

“Having used Workiva at two prior companies and having done two S-1s through a printer, I tremendously appreciate the value of the Wdesk solution. In fact, I have long decided that the next pre-IPO company that I go to will provide a clause in my employment agreement that Workiva will be used for their S-1!”
–VP of Finance, new public company and Workiva ’34 Act customer

“It’s clear that Wdesk is the future in financial reporting. It took the chaos out of filing our IPO. We estimate Wdesk saved us half a million dollars preparing our initial public offering document and amendments.”
–Richard Chin, CEO, Kindred Biosciences

“The Workiva capital markets team was an amazing asset, and we definitely hope to work with you all again. Turn-around time for last minute revisions was much faster than the printer.”
–Corporate Counsel, e-commerce company who used Workiva’s capital markets team for two rush shelf registrations

“The support team, in regards to the IPO, is the best support I’ve received from any vendor, maybe ever. Kristen was truly amazing.”
–CFO, bank who recently used Workiva for their IPO

“I wouldn’t use a traditional tool to manage the S-1 document. It’s very important that all the data lives in one place where it can be comprehensively managed. Wdesk made it easier to control.”
–Senad Mustafic, Corporate Controller, Smartsheet

“Workiva provided our team a complete solution that is aligned with how our firm—and more importantly, our clients—work today. The deal team could focus on collaborating on the same document at any given time and keep the proper controls over the document and entire process.”
–Kat Duncan, Associate, Fenwick & West

“A lot of new technology is surfacing all the time. Some of it will definitely improve the way that we work and the way that we live. Why not be at the frontier of that? Why not be able to reap the very early benefits of technological advances rather than wait for everybody else to figure it out and then use it many years down the road, while the cost of lost productivity accumulates behind you. There’s no reason to wait.”
–Senad Mustafic, Corporate Controller, Smartsheet

“The old model is a relic, and if there was a better process that was proven in the market, I was open to switching.”
–Scott Meriweather, SVP of Finance, i3 Verticals

“The back-and-forth (using a financial printer) was absolutely painful. Even if you just had a minor punctuation change, it was a game of telephone to get that done, as opposed to being able to just do it yourself live in the document.”
–Geoff Smith, Controller, i3 Verticals

“I don’t think you can do it without using a product like the Workiva platform. We went public with an Up-C corporate structure, and I don’t know how you would do it in a traditional model and meet your deadline.”
–Scott Meriweather, SVP of Finance, i3 Verticals

“The night of pricing, I think he (Controller) and I were prepared for no sleep, running to the finish line together and hoping we make it. At 6:00 p.m., 30 minutes after we priced, we were sitting in the conference room drinking a beer because we were done, and the document was over to the auditors, underwriters, and counsel for review. We were looking at each other and didn’t really know what to do because it wasn’t supposed to be this easy. You’ve got big fans of Workiva at i3.”
–Scott Meriweather, SVP of Finance, i3 Verticals

“The Workiva process was night and day compared to using a printer, which is what we expected but not nearly to the extent it was. Support was outstanding, response time and turn of edits was even better than expected, we loved the effectiveness of directed comments in Wdesk, which we weren’t currently using, and the on-demand blackline feature was huge — something we never used from the printer because it was too expensive.”
–Global Controller for a multi-billion REIT who moved their annual S-11 to Workiva

“I want to thank you and the support team for all of the help with our filing. I was blown away by the support/turnaround time for our requests. In fact, it was probably one of the best support experiences I’ve ever had. I would’ve pulled all my hair out towards the end if I had to wait for a printer.”
–CFO who recently used Workiva for a Form 10 project

“Huge thanks to you and the whole team for all of the help with today’s launch. It was very complex, with five filings lined up back-to-back, lots of moving pieces and changes right down to the finish line. But everything went off smoothly, in no small part thanks to your and the team’s great efforts. As always, thanks for the support!”
–Issuer’s counsel from a recent complex capital markets project

“It was the perfect solution. We wanted our SEC counsel to have control over the report. Then we would be able to drop in tables and numerical data.”
–Candace LeBlanc, Director of Financial Reporting

“After our experience, I can’t express how refreshing it was. The full service their capital markets team provided, in combination with the technology, set a new standard for us. Workiva gave us an option to rethink how we can most efficiently run these types of complex deals.”
–Stephanie Kalahurka, Partner, Fenimore, Kay, Harrison & Ford